Five reusable elastic chewing gums. They are big, hard, reusable, and last for long. Comes with a tin box. No taste, no waste. Good for the environment and for you!

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CHEW PEER TOUGH tryout contains:

  • medium CHEW PEER LARGE
  • medium CHEW PEER ROUND
  • CHEW PEER hard, 2 pcs
  • JAWPEER tin box
  • Fact sheet
  • Delivery time: 1-3 working days
  • Open purchase 30 days

CHEW PEER TOUGH tryout is a tryout package with our toughest and hardest chewing gums. It contains more products than the picture shows. We made it for you who are curious about our products. If you want something to bite into, maybe feel how the jaw muscles burn from fatigue, this is something for you. Here we have collected our largest and hardest elastic chewing gums. You can use them to develop a more beautiful jawline or chew away anger and frustration.

The products not only stimulate the jaw muscles. Via the nerves of the mouth, they also affect the brain. They can help increase concentration and attention. Chewing can also help deal with unwanted emotions. Chewing affects the HPA axis, which can increase stress resistance. One purpose of chewing may be to keep emotions under control in stressful situations.

A form of training

Chewing is a form of exercise for the face. If you experience the positive effects of training, you can imagine what it would be like to be able to do something else while training. If you are interested in maintaining or improving your appearance, the face is most important to train, because it is most visible. Chewing increases blood flow to the face and head. In addition to facial tissues, blood flow also increases in the central parts of the brain. The increased blood flow can thus give a calming effect, increase concentration, and the feeling of having control. As a bonus, chewing can also be used to get a better posture and a more beautiful face shape.

Good for the Environment

JAWPEERs elastic chewing gums consist of heat-cured, food-grade silicone. This means that the products provide good chewing resistance, a firm grip in the mouth, and a unique signal to the brain. The material’s great resilience means that it can be reused. It is a great benefit for the environment to replace disposable items. One set of CHEW PEER TOUGH tryouts lasts for at least two weeks during normal use each day. The silicone is tested in an independent laboratory and does not emit any by-products, which makes it safe to chew on.

CHEW PEER TOUGH tryout contains products that provide 30-50 times as much chewing resistance as regular chewing gums. It appeals to the mouthfeel and can provide clear cognitive effects.

Delivery time 1-3 working days. The price includes shipping. Right of return 30 days from the customer receiving the product. If you don’t like the products write to and justify why. Send return to JAWPEER AB, Björkhagsv. 75D, Vallentuna with your name and customer number. JAWPEER reimburses cost and shipping fees.


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