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CHEW PEER Collection includes:

Description of CHEW PEER Collection

JAW PEER Collection is an essential toolbox for functional chewing. Ordinary Chewing Gum has poorer chewing resistance. The box comes with nine different CHEW PEER. They have different properties and colors, which indicate degrees of hardness. The soft is green, the medium is blue, and the hardest is white. The products are made for training and recreation.

JAWPEER – the Power of Chewing

Chewing activates the facial muscles. It thereby increases the blood supply to the head. It can make you look better and give a more beautiful jawline. In addition to supplying the facial muscles, the blood also oxygenates large parts of the brain. Therefore it can have a calming effect and help deal with unwanted emotions. Chewing can also increase concentration and the feeling of having control over the situation. One pack of products lasts for at least one month in normal use for a while every day.

CHEW PEER Material

CHEW PEER consists of FDA-approved food-grade silicone. The products provide good chewing resistance, a firm grip in the mouth, and a unique signal to the brain. The wear resistance of the material is high. This is why it can be much harder than ordinary chewing gum. The silicone has been tested in an independent laboratory and does not emit any by-products, which makes it safe to chew on. JAW PEER Collection gums are 10-50 times harder than regular chewing gums. The total chewing resistance surpasses the resistance of 2000 regular chewing gum.

CHEW PEER Collection Usage

JAWPEER is made to provide more stimulation and chewing resistance than regular chewing gum. II appeals to the mouthfeel, increases saliva flow that cleans the mouth, and can provide clear cognitive effects. The Collection is a perfect way to figure out your chewing habits. New users will likely start with CHEW PEER SMALL soft. Progress gradually towards larger and harder CHEW PEER. Be careful not to overwork your jaw or masticatory muscles.

Delivery time: 1-3 working days in Sweden, 3-10 days abroad. The product sheet includes important information. Read it carefully. Right of return 30 days from the customer receiving the product. If you are dissatisfied with the purchase: write to and justify why. Send the return to JAWPEER AB, Björkhagsv. 75D, Vallentuna with your name and customer number. JAWPEER reimburses the cost and shipping fee.