SANITIZER with UV light


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SANITIZER with UV light contains:

  • Fact sheet
  • USB cable
  • Delivery time: see below
  • Open purchase 30 days

SANITIZER with UV light is a small and handy virus and bacteria remover. This sanitizer is an accessory and the product is not manufactured by JAWPEER. It is used to make sure that CHEW PEER is clean of bacteria when you put it in your mouth. The device looks like a small white remote control. When the start button on the top is pressed, three UVC mini headlights start on the bottom. The ultraviolet rays clean effectively in just a few seconds. The device is charged via USB. The rechargeable battery does not contain mercury. Cable included.

The SANITIZER with UV light can also be used to clean other things such as mobile phones, keyboards, or seats in public transport. It is small and handy and fits in the handbag. Fully charged, it can be used for a full hour.

Deliver to Sweden only. 30 days open purchase. Delivery time 2-3 office days.


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