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KILLMI chewing to get rid of anger and frustration
KILLMI chewing to get rid of anger and frustration

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KILLMI tryout includes:

  • soft KILLMI, 6 pcs
  • medium KILLMI, 6 pcs
  • hard KILLMI, 6 pcs
  • Fact sheet
  • Delivery time: 1-2 opening days
  • Open purchase 30 days

KILLMI are silicone chewing gums made for handling anger, stress, irritation, angst, aggression, etc. In other words, they are designed to trigger the impulse to crush them with their teeth. In fact, negative feelings otherwise manifest as tensions in the jaws. Those who grind the teeth at night one can instead use a KILLMI and get rid of most of the frustration immediately. Due to that they have nice cushions on the sides, between them are small rifts that make it possible to break through the resilient material with the teeth.  You have to work hard to break it, but once it done the effort multiplies the reward feeling afterwards.

KILLMI is especially made for people who sometimes find it hard to control themself. Whenever you want something to bite, something to project your bad feelings to, KILLMI is helpful. You don’t want to hurt anyone, so instead we made a collection of cute, faint squeaking, elastic chewing gums. But if you want to chew completely silently, add a drop of oil. If you use fish oil you also get healthy fatty acids in your brain. The products are not only satisfying the craving for biting. Nerves in the mouth activate the sympathetic nervous system. In fact they help you calm down, increase concentration, and give a better control of the situation. Not to mention keeping emotions under control.

We Chew Too Little

The jaws are much older than man, inherited from our fish-like ancestors. For many hundred million years they were used primarily as a weapon for attack and defense. As a result, the mechanism to chew and bite is inherited. We often feel anger like jaw tension. A new view on jaw pain is the hypothesis is that we chew too little. This leads to weak and small jaws, as well as crooked teeth and tight airways. KILLMI contains products that provide 30-50 times as much chewing resistance as regular chewing gums. In sum it appeals to the bite feeling, alleviates anger and frustration and can provide clear cognitive effects.

Delivery time 1-3 working days. Shipping is included in the price. Right of return 30 days from the customer receiving the product. If you dislike the product, write to and tell us why. Send return to JAWPEER AB, Björkhagsv. 75D, Vallentuna with your name and customer number. JAWPEER reimburses cost and shipping fees.


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