Elastic Chewing Gum


JAWPEER sells chewy, elastic chewing gum. Our goal is to make the world’s best chewing products. They are comfortable to chew, reusable and last for a long.

JAWPEER - a Collection of Elastic Chewing Gum

Elastic Chewing Gum Superior to Plastic

According to calculations, the total chewing energy in a box of CHEW PEER Collection is 312 000 Joule. It is because elasticity keeps them in the same shape, which means that the good resistance remains. To use the same chewing energy you have to eat 400 carrots. If you want to have the same chewing energy from plastic (regular) chewing gum, you need to chew 2000 pcs. This means it is three times more priceworthy to buy elastic chewing gum.

JAWPEER have Different Sizes and Hardnesses

JAWPEER is a collection of elastic chewing gums made to stimulate the mouth. They are available in different sizes and hardnesses to suit different needs. JAWPEER has greater chewing resistance than regular chewing gums and therefore gives greater rewards. They are environmentally friendly and easy to use. They clean the mouth, train the face, and stimulate the brain. Would you like JAWPEER? Take the TEST