The Art of Chewing

The Mandelbrot fractal is both Art and Science 

 JAWPEER opens new possibilities for art. Elastic Chewing Gum is a new kind of design object that appeals to the mouth. Thus, it opens up possibilities to explore new and unknown sensations. As in other art fields, there are limitations. The mouth as a scene limits the size of objects. The products must not be dangerous to use or harmful to health. Therefore, we test the material carefully. It must not excrete any toxic substances. Otherwise, sustainability and oral stimulation have been the focus of the design. The new art form is elastic sculptures intended for the mouth.         

Wanted: Designers Who Wants to Develop the Art of Chewing

The development of elastic chewing gums started in 2019. First, we tested materials with good properties. Then we started to design prototypes. The challenge was to create a shape, size, and resistance that provides an aesthetic chewing experience. When the test users were satisfied, we started to manufacture. From now on, the design will improve step by step. JAWPEER would like to collaborate with industrial designers interested in developing our oral products. We also look for artists who want to explore the mouth as an arena for art. If you are interested or know someone who would fit, please contact us:
info [at]