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What is JAWPEER?

JAWPEER is a toolbox for chewing. It contains CHEW PEERs. They are environmentally friendly chew products. Like reusable chewing gum but much more effective. CHEW PEER preserves the same shape and hardness when chewed. They don’t stick or get stiff between uses.

Why should I use JAWPEER?

JAWPEER trains the facial muscles. They require a lot of blood when you chew. Consequently, the blood flow increases through the carotid artery. It supplies the facial muscles, but it also has good effects on the brain. JAWPEER can increase concentration, give a better mood, and alleviate stress.

What's wrong with Chewing Gum?

Chewing Gum is plastic. It does not provide the same resistance as CHEW PEER. JAWPEER is thus more efficient for face training. Besides, Chewing Gum does not give the same effect on the brain.

What can CHEW PEER use for?

CHEW PEER trains the facial muscles. The training can prevent wrinkles and promote a beautiful face. By training, you can look better and at the same time supply the head with more blood than Chewing Gum does. The blood boosts the brain with oxygen and energy. Due to this, CHEW PEER can protect your brain from harmful stress, increase concentration, and make you more alert.

Can JAWPEER make it easier if you have ADHD?

Yes, it can probably facilitate for some persons with ADHD. Research has found that chewing can increase concentration. If this effect is caused by increased brain blood flow, then JAWPEER can probably help for ADHD. Persons with ADHD often have high energy consumption in the brain. It can make it difficult for them to calm down and concentrate for a long time. They need to move to increase metabolism. JAWPEER lets them work with your strongest muscles without running around. Test users with ADHD tell that JAWPEEER help, but we don’t know for sure. Please contact us if you are interested in investigating ADHD and JAWPEER.

Can JAWPEER counteract Dementia?

Research Science shows that impaired chewing ability is related to deteriorated neurological functions. They don’t know exactly how they are connected. A hypothesis is that chewing stimulates certain areas of the frontal cortex. If, then chewing would be useful to prevent dementia.

Can I use JAWPEER treat TMD?

Probably. We are made to use jaws a lot. Thus jaw joint pain is more likely due to too little chewing rather than the opposite. Chew training is a part of the TMD treatment program. JAWPEER can become an effective tool to counteract the pain. A pilot study was planned in association with the Faculty of Odontology at a Swedish University, but Coronavirus delayed the process.

Which model should I choose?

JAW PEER Collection is made for you to try out which model you like the most. There are nine products to choose from. CHEW PEER Original is medium size and medium-hard. Men use to chew harder than women. If your purpose is to train the jawline you might prefer larger and harder products. If you will chew to relax or concentrate maybe a smaller and softer CHEW PEER fits the best.

Whats the difference between JAW PEER and CHEW PEER?

You train the jaw by chewing. CHEW PEER is a tool. JAW PEER is the toolbox, the concept. It consists of a box, different CHEW PEER, and instructions. JAW PEER AB is the company’s name. Peer is the name of the inventor as well.

I want to research this product. How do I do?

Contact info@jawpeer.se. We really need more knowledge. The product is brand new and there are a lot of R&D possibilities. You are welcome!

How do you make CHEW PEER clean?

Boil it for a minute. Or wash in water, or shrub with a toothbrush. But boiling is safest.