JAWPEER are mouth friends. Should be as natural to oral health care as toothbrush and dentistry.

JAWPEER is really the friend of the mouth. If you bite your tongue or gums, squeak teeth, or have jaw problems, blisters, candida, or tooth decay, JAWPEER is worth trying. Oral health care lacks a resource for chewing. But now, there are some really chewy bits. With JAWPEER you can avoid discomfort and save a lot of money. It’s expensive to have poor oral hygiene. Oral problems can be very awkward. Otherwise, the mouth takes care of itself. We don’t have to think about it. That’s how a well-functioning body works.

The Mouth Is Very Complex

The mouth is very complex. Therefore, it belongs to many different medical departments. This is because four of our five senses are involved in what happens in the mouth. What we chew on both feels, tastes, and smells. In addition, we can hear the chewing sound very well. The wholeness is experienced as the mouthfeel. Mouthfeel assembles by the brain that coordinates all information from the mouth.

Half a Billion Year Old System

The oral cavity, stomach, and brain parts that innervate it are collectively called the stomatognathic system. It’s rather complicated, but not unique to mankind. The stomatognathic system is half a billion years old and all vertebrates have it. From a Darwinian point of view, it proved to be very successful. It also means that this system is tested by nature to work fine in most cases. But we don’t really understand how it works yet. Recent lifestyle changes make us forget to maintain the stomatognathic system. That’s why humans (and our pets) are the only animals with crooked teeth.