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Why do you make out?

The mouth gives us information by tasting interesting things. Without a mouth, we wouldn't survive.

Have you ever thought about why do you make out? Of course, because we like it. But why do we neck, why do we like to kiss? Science thinks we’re partly doing it to explore each other and assess whether we fit together. The mouth gives us vital information. It is the body’s laboratory and the tongue is like the brain’s scientists. A kiss means that we literally taste each other. The saliva contains DNA that is analyzed by processes that we are completely unaware of. The result, however, is more familiar: a DNA match can mean that love occurs. If you like each other, you might become a couple and have kids. For the child, the mouth is central. The suction reflex is innate because newborn babies get their nutrition through the breast. Children can survive without sight or hearing, but without mouth, they would not have a chance.

Substances in the saliva are the reason why you make out

As hunter-gatherers, we used our mouths to determine what could be eaten and what was dangerous to us. The mouth is thus made for us to be able to judge things but to get the information it requires that we have saliva. The saliva acts as a medium and allows the nerve cells to register flavors. JAWPEER stimulates the saliva secretion of the mouth and cleans the mouth so that the kisses taste naturally good. The saliva and breath contain substances that are the reason why do you make out.

A toolbox and a tip

Artificial substances hide the natural taste and make it harder to judge whether we really like the one we make out with. Therefore, JAWPEER is better for preparing to make out than toothpaste, mint tablets, and other products with taste. JAWPEER is the toolbox for Elastic Chewing Gum. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to chewing gum. Do you like to chew? Then you will hopefully love JAWPEER. Chew it five minutes before it’s time. Take out the CHEW PEER just before and put it in the box. And then… Start soft and slow. Think of kissing a butterfly. Close the eyes and focus on the feeling. Your lips and tongue already know how to do. Promise.


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