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Eat less candy with JAWPEER

eat less candy and feel much better

Eat less candy with JAWPEER. The fact that you get sugar cravings is because of evolution. Our genes have adapted to enable us to live as hunters and collectors on the savannah in Africa. Sweets contain lots of energy. Energy-rich food is rare in nature and our ancestors lived near the famine. That’s why the ancestors who ate all the sweet things they could access survived. It has left its mark on our genes and is one explanation why most people love sweets. Then came the farming community, the industrial community, and the information society, but the brain has not changed. Now we have sweets almost everywhere and the Stone Age brain tells us to eat. An average Swede eats sweets for several thousand kronor a year. We still have our Stone Age behavior. That’s why a lot of people get sick.

Things that stimulate the mouth feeling

Candy isn’t just sweet. They are also made to stimulate the mouth: they have exciting taste and shape and a texture that appeals to the mouthfeel. In today’s world, almost all information is audio and video. Therefore, the mouthfeel is understimulated. Candy is fun to chew on, too bad the content is so full of sugar. Raw food, chewy pieces of meat, and nuts are also fun to chew on if you like the taste, but there are limits to how much you can eat. That’s why JAWPEERhas been created: a series of products that are just for chewing on.

CHEW PEER is made from the same type of material that pacifiers are made of, but they have a more interesting shape. They are durable and comfortable to chew on and have greater chewing resistance than chewing gum. It is difficult to swallow the products by mistake. The brain feels like they can’t be eaten. That’s why we’re not trying to swallow. The nice thing is that you can experience feelings of satiety by just chewing and swallowing some saliva. Chew and enjoy the feeling of having something stimulating in your mouth. Get JAWPEER and eat less candy. You will feel much better when you do not fill your stomach with useless sugar.


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