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Can you get satisfied without eating?

The leptine molecule can make you satisfied without eating

Can you get satisfied without eating? Science is trying to understand how. It’s not a full stomach that makes us satiated, rather a hormone called Leptin. Leptin sends signals to the brain that the stomach is full. Previously, it was thought that leptin was only formed in adipose tissue. New research shows that it is also produced in the salivary glands and oral mucous membranes. The more power you chew with, the more saliva is formed. CHEW PEER stimulates saliva flow and increases total leptin secretion up to three times (P <0,001). source DOI: 10.1210/jcem.86.11.7998

Leptin creates feelings of satiety

The walls of the stomach contain receptors that absorb leptin. It follows the saliva into the stomach where it resorbs. This should make it possible to be satisfied without eating but by chewing and swallowing saliva. Chewing can create satiety sensations that could have biological explanations. Our ancestors who were hunter-gatherers often lived near the famine. When they ran out of food, they had to live on nutrients in roots and bone marrow. Then it was good that they could be satisfied without eating. Starving food has poor nutrients. It means that it takes time to get nutrition by hard chewing. But we can actually enjoy that even today if we have problems with weight or oral health.

One of the test users had JAWPEER to reduce their snacking and to feel saturated without eating. When the candy craving struck, a CHEW PEER entered the mouth. After a few minutes of chewing, the longing for sweets and sweets has disappeared. The product is better for both teeth and Body Mass Index than candies or sweets. If JAWPEER has this effect for multiple users, they can use CHEW PEER to control their weight. According to previous chewing studies, we can at the same time become more alert, think faster, and get better working memory. Other studies suggest that chewing makes it easier to concentrate and manage stress. There are also further studies that suggest that chewing provides better mood, impulse control, oral hygiene, and breath.

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