JAWPEER AB aims to make humanity wiser. Therefore, we use the body’s own systems to improve the brain’s cognitive functions. We utilize a 500 million-year-old biological effect. At the same time, we want to help our customers to feel good. We think that well-being is to thrive. Consequently, we help to develop good habits for the brain and the body.

JAWPEER AB is the first in a series of companies in the Tellus Angels network. Tellus Angels is the ‘guardian angel’ of all organisms on the planet; the omniorganism. Sounds like a big thing, and it is for sure: The estimated mass of all living organisms is 1 850 billion tonnes. The companies in the Tellus Angels network will be leaders in their industry in terms of environmental and ecological sustainability. Tellus Angels want to work for better communication between the different parts of the omniorganism, including humanity.

The founder and CEO of JAWPEER AB is Peer Norbäck. Peer describes himself as creative, curious and ancient.