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The background to JAW PEER

The background to JAW PEER is plain male vanity. One morning Peer saw his tired face in the bathroom mirror. He looked at his little wrinkles, bags under his eyes, and drooping cheeks. The face is the storefront of the body and the part of us that the outside world sees all the time. Peer didn’t like what he saw in the mirror. He decided to do something about it and start training the facial muscles.

Peer googled “work out your face”, “how to get rid of wrinkles” and “exercise equipment for the face” and searched around the net. The only product he found was a big disgusting ball. He didn’t want to chew on that. That’s why he made his own face trainer and started training. It was not very good, but already after a couple of weeks, he noticed that the jawline was getting more marked and the smile became wider and happier. There must be more who are equally vain, Peer thought. So was born the idea of JAW PEER.

The background to JAW PEER is thus completely banal. It was not an ingenious experience about the importance of mouth-feeling to the brain. At first, Peer made a prototype and began training the facial muscles. Then he discovered that something happens to the brain when you exercise as well. You could say Peer was just lucky, but you have to be lucky sometimes.

The last time Peer made an invention, however, he was rather unlucky. He had a great idea and created the vacuum cleaner lighting. Peer would clean in a dark and dirty wind and put a strong lamp on the vacuum cleaner shaft.  Abracadabra! The beam made him see every grain of dust in the dark. After the cleaning, it was really clean. Peer went to the Swedish Patent- and Registration Office, where he met an official who took away all the joy and enthusiasm. Apparently, it wasn’t an invention at all, due to this expert. Therefore, there was no patent at that time. But the idea is still good for everyone who wants to do other things when the sun shines that vacuum-cleaning.

A picture of Peer

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