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Remove Oral Fungus

Remove oral fungus – Oral thrush or Candidiasis also called, is a problem that many people face. Both children and the elderly are easily affected by the fungus Candida on the tongue and mucous membranes. When the fungus leads to infection, it becomes extra troublesome. The basic problem is often that you have a dry mouth. Dry mouth can be due to dehydration, weakened immune system, or medication.

One of JAWPEER‘s users has successfully resolved the issue. He has come up with a method that makes him no longer have fungal infections. The user who explains the method as follows:

The user’s method to remove oral fungus

After breakfast, I chew for about 20 minutes, and then a good toothbrush, the same procedure in the evening with regular toothpaste. My saliva secretion increases sharply when I chew. I have to spit it out several times, and the saliva seems to break down the yellow membrane at the tongue. Coatings that could not be brushed off before are disappearing.

I previously suffered from several infections because I inhaled cortisone powder against my asthma. It is not fun at all and the treatment against the fungus must last for several weeks. Has well lasted for a couple of months, and I can report that now it is completely gone. Thank you!

Started with Chew Peer Collection

The customer started by ordering the CHEW PEER Collection. The collection contains two copies of every single piece of chewing gum in JAWPEER’s range. The idea of ​​Collection is to help the customer find their favorite. After that, the customer has made several orders, but now he specializes. He buys CHEW PEER LARGE medium and CHEW PEER hard. We have different needs and chewing habits. Because this customer has sharp teeth and strong jaws, he chews them quite quickly. The plan is therefore to develop a subscription offer for users who want to subscribe to chewing gum.

We can not guarantee that JAWPEER will help everyone who has problems with fungus in the mouth. But we are glad that for all we can help. If there are several experiences of using our products, feel free to share them with others by commenting below. Many thanks to everyone who helps to find solutions to our common health problems!

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