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Dry mouth? No more

If you are dry in your mouth then there is help to be had. Chew CHEW PEER to get more saliva and a healthy natural breath

Dry mouth? No more. You can counteract it by chewing. Chewing increases saliva excretion. The more and harder we chew, the more saliva is produced in the mouth. Saliva is largely water, but it also contains other substances that prevent dehydration and are important to the body. The saliva is formed in more than 100 various glands that sit under the tongue, in the lower jaw, and at the ears. The glands specialize in various things. Therefore, we can have different saliva depending on what we need it for. Saliva has many different tasks:

  • Lubricates teeth and gums so that they do not dry out.
  • Ensures that the mouth’s PH value is just right.
  • Rinses away food residues and other things from the teeth.
  • Prevents bacteria and viruses from penetrating the body.
  • Dissolves flavorings in the food so they come into contact with our taste cells.
  • Starts digestion because it releases the encyclicals Amylase and Lipase.
  • Produces the hormone Leptin that makes us feel full.

CHEW PEER is an elastic chewing product that has more chewing resistance than ordinary chewing gum. This means that the mouth produces more saliva when using CHEW PEER. More saliva is beneficial both for the feeling of the mouth, dental health, and the body’s digestive system. Note that if the saliva is swallowed with gas bubbles, the stomach may react. A recommendation is to wait until the saliva bubbles burst before swallowing the saliva.

If you are really dry in your mouth then you need to chew on something that activates the salivary glands properly and then ordinary chewing gum is not good enough. Water may also not solve the problem, as it does not have the same lubricating and protective effect as saliva. Therefore, CHEW PEER is a better option. Dry mouth? No more. CHEW PEER is made to lubricate the oral cavity and thus perfect if you are dry in the mouth.


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