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How Can I Keep My New Year’s Resolution?

JAWPEER helps you keep the New Year´s Resolution


How can you keep your New Year’s resolution? JAWPEER can help. New Year’s promises are often about ending bad habits. The book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg describes the three steps a habit consists of:

1. a need.
The need is often a negative feeling such as stress, restlessness, or cravings for sweets. The feeling triggers…

2. an action.
The plot is the bad habit we want to end. But since the need remains, we can not just refrain from shopping. The action leads to what we want, because the action…

3. Create a reward!
The reward is a positive feeling that satisfies the need or reduces it temporarily.

According to Duhigg, the habit is easiest to change if we redirect the need so that it triggers another action. Many habits have a connection with the mouth. Such habits are called oral and they are best replaced with something else that stimulates the mouth. We may want to stop snacking on sweets or chips, stop smoking or biting our nails. It almost requires that we have something else to put in our mouths instead, like chewing JAWPEER.

How to Keep your New Year’s Resolution With JAWPEER

JAWPEER are elastic chewing gums made to stimulate the mouth. They are available in different sizes and hardnesses to suit different needs. JAWPEER has greater chewing resistance than regular chewing gums and therefore gives greater rewards. They are environmentally friendly and easy to use. They clean the mouth, train the face and stimulate the brain. In conclusion: How do you keep your New Year’s resolution this year? Use JAWPEER.


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