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Which Is the Most Expensive Chewing Gum?

Mastika Gum Gold is not the most expensive chewing gum anymore.

Which is the world’s most expensive chewing gum? Well, MASTIKA GUM GOLD was the most expensive before JAWPEER came. The MASTICA package costs $ 100. The package contains 96 chewing gums, so each chewing gum costs almost $ 1. What justifies the high price? MASTIKA’s argument is that the chewing gum is sweetened with Xylitol and decorated with gold flakes. Xylitol is better than Aspartame, but it is a relatively common sweetener in chewing gum. Gold flakes are not as common, but it is neither good nor bad. Gold does not excrete anything on its way through the body.

Not The Most Expensive Anymore

MASTIKA’s GUM GOLD is not the world’s most expensive chewing gum anymore. The most expensive chewing gum in 2022 is the largest of JAWPEER’s elastic chewing gums. A box with six CHEW PEER LARGE costs $ 30. This means that each chewing gum costs $ 5. But JAWPEER does not see itself as a manufacturer of the world’s most expensive chewing gum. Instead, we like to say that it pays to chew elastic chewing gums, as they are cleaned and reused over and over again. They are made for people who really have a craving for chewing. This means that the products are very affordable.

Big Differences Between the Products

Market psychologists know that gold has a symbolic value. It helps increase the product value, even if it does not fulfill any practical function. If we compare the products, we can see big differences. MASTIKA does not only have gold flakes to be exclusive. They also have luxurious, golden packaging. JAWPEER has a simple box. Our approach is to invest heavily in product quality. The transition from plastic to elastic material means new design possibilities. Therefore, we have chosen the material, size, hardness, and shape with the utmost care. The goal is to meet users’ demands for stimulus, eco-friendliness, and safety. The result is a product that does not excrete any measurable substances. The chewing gum also does not stick to streets and squares. Therefore, elastic chewing gums are better for both appearance, thoughts, and the environment.

The Most Expensive Gum has a Higher Quality

MASTIKA GUM GOLD may be the most luxurious chewing gum, but JAWPEER is more expensive. It is also better grounded in science. We have investigated what happens when you chew. JAWPEER proves to be superior to plastic chewing gum when it comes to increasing the blood supply to the brain. Our USP is better chewing resistance and thus better customer value. We turn to customers who pay extra for quality and environmental care. Rather than edible gold flakes.

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