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Elastic Chewing Gum Are More Chewy

Elastic Chewing Gum are more chewy that plastic chewing gum

Elastic Chewing Gum are more chewy. Chewability define as the quality or degree of being chewable. Crispy things like snacks dissolves in saliva. They are chewable just in a few seconds. The aim of JAWPEER is to make the World’s most chewy stuff. This means two things: They are comfortable to chew and resilient. There are different methods to estimate chewability. We use the unit Joule to calculate the chewing energy it takes. When you train your face by chewing you want to lose energy. A Joule is an energy required to lift one Newton one meter, approximately a 1 kilogram weight 1 decimeter.

24 000 Joule Chewing Energy in CHEW PEER medium

An average bite at CHEW PEER presses 20 kg 5 millimeter. This equals 1 Joule. Assume for the sake of simplicity that every bite takes 0.6 seconds. Then we chew 100 times every minute. A CHEW PEER resist at least 4 hours of intense chewing before it breaks. It means 240 minutes. 100 bites per minute means 24 000 reps. If every elastic chew requires 1 Joule, the total chewing energy in CHEW PEER medium is 24 000 Joule.

150 Joule Chewing Energy in a plastic Chewing Gum

Plastic chewing gum has two phases of chewing. The first phase crush the tasty cover. Then the resistance is 20 kg as in CHEW PEER, but the bite is just 3 millimeter. 0.03 times 20 equals 0.6. If it takes 100 bites to crush the cover it takes 60 Joule of chewing energy. After that only the gum base resist, so the second phase is much softer. An average plastic bite takes 1 kg times 3 millimeter. This gives 0.03 Joule. A chewing gum is normally used for 30 minutes. With the same chewing rate (100 bites per minute) we get 3000 bites. 3000 times 0.03 Joule gives 90 Joule of chewing energy. The first and the second phase added gives 60 + 90 = 150 Joule. That’s a reason why we think that elastic chewing gum are more chewy.

Elastic Chewing Gum is Cheaper

Say you want to buy cheap chewing resistance. One single CHEW PEER medium has the same resistance as 160 plastic chewing gums, according to the calculations above. Plastic Chewing Gum is $0.1/pcs. This means that it takes $16 to get the same chewing resistance from ordinary plastic Chewing Gum, like Wrigley’s Airwaves. CHEW PEER medium is $4/pcs. This means that the CHEW PEER medium is four times cheaper than plastic chewing gum if the chewing resistance counts. Not to mention CHEW PEER LARGE hard which is much tougher…

To Eat a Lot of Carrots Instead

One can eat carrots instead, someone may suggest. That’s true! An average carrot is 16 edible centimeters. If we make 5 mm chewy slices every carrot gives 32 slices. The chewing resistance is 10 kilogram. Every slice is chewed 50 times. 32 slices times 50 is 1600. Every bite takes the chewing energy 10 kg times 5 mm = 0.5 Joule. A carrot requires 800 Joule chewing energy. To use the same amount of energy as a single CHEW PEER medium you have to eat 30 carrots. Carrots are healthy, but not that amount. If you try to eat so many, be careful with the stomach.

It takes 30 carrots to reach the same chewing energy as one CHEW PEER medium

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