The brain needs maintenance. JAWPEER balances on top of a pile of rocks in classic feng shui tradition

JAW PEER differs from other jaw trainers in that it is also made to stimulate the brain. This means that you can use them when you need to. Firstly, when you want to raise your thinking skills to an extra level. Secondly, you may also need to chew to handle stress or large amounts of information. Thirdly, some particular situations make you angry and you want to chew to get over it.

We trust in our brain

Other jaw trainers on the market are made to chew for a couple of minutes every other day until the muscles ache. CHEW PEER, on the other hand, is made to be used when needed, sometimes several times daily. Our competitors provide accurate instructions and training programs while JAW PEER has confidence in customers’ knowledge. We think our brain knows best how we should chew. Therefore, we leave your judgment to your brain.