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Help for children with ADHD

Help for children with ADHD. New smart chewing products allow them to move and increase the blood in the brain while working.

It seems that chewing can be a good help for children with ADHD. “Mom, I’m getting a lot more focused!” said a boy who tested a CHEWPEER.

Children with ADHD need help to succeed in school. CHEWPEER can improve their concentration. Better concentration means that children become more structured and feel an inner calm when they work. When we work concentrated, we should take a five-minute break every half hour. Sometimes we get restless and want to move. By chewing, children can move without the surroundings noticing. By chewing on something that provides proper chewing resistance, the need to move can be satisfied without running.

Several studies show that working memory and motor skills improve in children with ADHD who move a lot. Chewing has special properties because it stimulates the parts of the brain that handle planning and control as well as reduces stress. However, there has been no research on CHEWPEER and ADHD. Children with special needs could probably benefit from CHEWPEER, as it has no taste and can also be reused. Teachers often regard chewing gum as candy, which is not allowed in lessons. They find it harder to say no to a product aimed to increase concentration.

CHEW PEER can be a help for children with ADHD

The masseter muscle is made to work hard. The chewing resistance makes the muscle work, which increases the blood supply to the head. CHEWPEER thus stimulates the brain’s center of planning and impulse control. It activates the parts that control Amygdala and enhances the cognitive effect.

CHEWPEER is a discreet way to increase concentration; so small that it is hardly noticeable. It can be hard to have a big thing in your mouth when you are with peers. A child with ADHD has enough worries though. CHEWPEER is stored in JAWPEER, a small toolbox that the child can carry to school. Chewing gum is classified as candy and is not allowed to have in class. CHEW PEER tastes nothing. The product is made to increase concentration. Therefore, teachers cannot deny students the right to use them. As a parent, JAWPEER is an easy and effective way to facilitate the life of their beloved child with a diagnosis. The products can thus be helpful for children with ADHD. If they don’t work as a tool, you’ll get your money back.


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