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CHEWPEER is a very old invention

JAWPEER is an old invention. The image reconstruction shows how it is believed that the hunter-gatherer girl looked like chewed on JAWPEE's predecessor 6,000 years ago
Image reconstruction: Tom Björklund

CHEWPEER is in fact a very old invention. To chew for the sake of chewing is nothing new. Before modern chewing gum arrived, the chewing artifacts were made of resin. Ten thousand-year-old pieces of birch resin with tooth imprints have been found in Scandinavia. The conclusion is that people invented chewing artifacts even before they invented agriculture. National Geographic (2019-12-17) tells the story of a girl who lived about 6,000 years ago. Through DNA analysis we know a lot about her. First, the girl was lactose intolerant. Secondly, that she had recently eaten duck and hazelnuts. Besides, she was probably blue-eyed and had dark hair. Her DNA is not similar to the agricultural populations who came to Europe in the Stone Age.

The girl’s appearance is reconstructed based on her DNA found in the resin. Her appearance is based on comparisons with the DNA of living people. In other words, resin has the ability to encapsulate and preserve DNA for posterity. Jurassic Park films are based on this feature. Since the girl’s DNA could be preserved, the films don’t feel completely unthinkable.

CHEWPEER does not preserve information about us

CHEWPEER is a very old invention, but the idea is improved. It isn’t sticky and it doesn’t preserve your DNA. The Stone Age girl belonged to a group of hunter-gatherers and she was not completely healthy. In this case, both viruses and bacteria from the girl’s mouth were found. All this is known because she chewed on chewing gum at the time. In conclusion, this science is both interesting and a little troubling. On the one hand, the information that scientists have extracted from the piece of birch tar is impressive. On the other hand, it can be nice to have a little privacy. Finally, we should point out that CHEWPEER is different from chewing gum. They are made to be recycled and will not be disposed of in the wild. Last but not least, they preserve your privacy. The product will not encapsulate your DNA forever.


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