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Clear thoughts with JAWPEER

Think clear thoughts with JAW PEER. The brain stimulates if we have things in our mouths. Studies have shown that the prefrontal part of the cerebral cortex stimulates when we chew. This area governs our rational thinking. Therefore, we activate parts of the head that make us think clearly, quickly, and logically by chewing. No wonder why we put food, sweets, snuff, cigarettes, nails, or anything else in our mouths when we need to think. Actually, it is no wonder that the brain is so closely tied to the mouth: it provides the energy that supplies the cerebral system. The mouth and jaw have more connections to the brain than the optic nerve.

The mouth is important to the brain

The brain wants to know what we’re ingesting, which is why it prioritizes the mouth. Therefore, unfortunately, many persons eat too much. Drugs, snacks, and sweets stimulate the brain in the short term but can hurts us in the long run. If you like to put things in your mouth, you can do it without getting harmful substances or gaining weight. JAWPEER helps you fool the brain. You can think clear thoughts with JAW PEER while dampening the need for oral stimulation.

Clearer thoughts with JAW PEER

We’re thinking clearer when we use the mouth. That’s why oral stimulation use to makes us happy. JAWPEER stimulates the brain through the mouth. The only thing that secretes is our own saliva that cleans the teeth. The saliva also contains an enzyme that can suppress hunger. It’s not the stomach that feels hunger but the brain. A test user went to the store to buy candy and chewed JAWPEER on the way. When he arrived, the hunger feelings were gone. The brain however was still happy.

JAWPEER satisfies the brain’s need for oral stimulation. Firstly, JAWPEER resists 40 times more pressure than chewing gum as measured by a Durometer. This means that the chewing muscles work harder, more blood rises to the head and we think better. Secondly, JAWPEER is environmentally friendly. It can be used every day for a month, unlike chewing gum which is a disposable product. In other words, JAWPEER is an intelligent chewing product. Because it provides greater chewing resistance, you get more blood supply to the central parts of the brain. It can make you think better, relax, and control the situation. If you’re not satisfied with JAWPEER, then you’ll get your money back.


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