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Increasing blood flow to the brain

Increase blood flow to the brain by chewing.

Increasing blood flow to the brain can be done in different ways. The blood supply through the carotid artery oxygenates the brain. When we chew on something that resists, the blood increases sharply up in the head. A product specially designed to provide good chewing resistance was used in a scientific examination. The results showed that blood flow increased by 7-28% in the examined parts of the brain when the test subjects chewed. The increase was greatest in the parts that control the body’s movements, between 25-28%.

CHEW PEER can be used to increase blood flow to the brain because the product is chewed with the molar teeth. Several scientific reports confirm that chewing with these teeth increases blood flow in the brain. There is also a positive relationship between oxygenation of the blood in the brain and muscle activity in the masseter muscle. A Japanese study concluded that the harder you chew with your chewing teeth, the more blood in your brain.

JAW PEER can also be used to train the jaw muscles. Competing jaw trainers are chewed with the front teeth But using the front teeth has the opposite effect on blood supply. If you bite harder, the blood flow in the relevant parts of the brain decreases. Therefore, one can not use these jaw trainers to achieve the effect.

So what is it that is so good about increasing the blood supply to the brain? The blood provides oxygen and nourishment. The risk of serious diseases decreases and you think better. Chewing makes you alert and alert. CHEW PEER can also provide a better mood and allow you to work more efficiently for shorter periods of time.

Source: Nature

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