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Chewing can provide better impulse control

Get better impulse control by stopping JAW PEER in your mouth. The mouth seems to be connected to our emotional center in the brain.

Chewing can provide better impulse control. Are you one of those people who would need better impulse control? I wouldn’t mind it, sometimes I get an impulsive idea and Do or I say things that I regret. If you are impulse-driven, there seems to be an opportunity to get better without having to seek professional support. CHEW PEER stimulates not only the mouth but also the brain. Chewing increases the activity of the cerebral cortex and the work of the muscles increases blood flow to the head. Some of the blood moves on to the brain. Since the frontal lobes are activated by chewing, parts of the blood flow are led there. It seems it might help us become less impulsive.

Impulse control is the ability to control and control spontaneous whims. People with good impulse control think about the consequences of a thought if it becomes action. Poor impulse control means that you act first and then think. Impulses are usually controlled by emotion. They show up quickly and disappear almost as quickly again. If you have the ability to wait a few seconds to react, the strongest emotions will subside and the impulse will fade down.

Lack of impulse control may be due to ADHD

The ability to control your impulses usually gets better as you get older. If it doesn’t, you should try to do something about it. This can be the case if you are diagnosed with ADHD or autism. If you have a very difficult time controlling your impulses, you can end up in dangerous situations and then you need all the help. Therefore, JAWPEER and CHEW PEER can be important aids for people with ADHD, even if they do not solve all problems.

The frontal lobes are more developed in humans than in any other animal species. Rational, logical thinking takes place there. The area is also connected to our emotional centre Amygdala. Therefore, we can more easily control our emotions by stimulating the anterior cortex. So we can control our impulses better by chewing. Spontaneous people who want better impulse control can therefore enjoy JAWPEER.


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