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How to Increase Blood Flow in the Brain?

How to increase blood flow to the brain? To begin with, almost all training affects the brain. This is because exercise increases metabolism. When muscles work, they need more blood. The blood flows in the arteries and oxygenates the brain. In particular, the jaw muscles get their blood from the carotid artery. This means that when we practice chewing, the blood flow in this artery increases. The carotid artery branches just below the ear. Because one of the artery branches leads to the brain, the blood in the brain increases when we chew. Very much actually!

Mendi Shows the Great Effect of Jawpeer

The diagrams above show statistics from the brain training app MENDI. In the left screen diagram, the subject first chewed for a minute and then took out JAWPEER. Then the curve flattened out and the increase from the starting position was only 8%. In the second and third diagrams, the subject started without CHEW PEER. When chewing started it greatly increased blood flow to the anterior brain, the prefrontal cortex. The most important measure is what is called Total Energy. Chewing increases this sharply. The increase may be partly due to the fact that MENDI can also sense blood flow in the skin outside the forehead bone. JAWPEER stimulates not only the brain but the tissues of the whole face.

How to Increase Blood Flow in the Brain if You Can’t Train

How to increase blood flow to the brain if you can not exercise? You may be a little injured or just don’t have time to train even though you would like. Then you can chew instead. By chewing during work, the good effects can kick in immediately. In addition to increased blood flow in the frontal lobes, chewing also stimulates the brainstem where norepinephrine and acetylcholine are secreted. These two hormones allow us to concentrate more easily. The blood flow in the prefrontal cortex contributes, among other things, to increased attention, better judgment, improved learning, and problem-solving.

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