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Can training make wrinkles vanish?

Can training make wrinkles vanish? The question became relevant after a Swedish study showing that expensive anti-aging creams make no difference. There is no quick fix to a beautiful face. As with the rest of the body, exercises give the best result. A review of nine scientific tests of Face Yoga tells that all show positive results. According to a 2018 study by JAMA Dermatology, mainly wrinkles in the lower part of the face can disappear. Wrinkles around the mouth and jaws are the easiest to treat with JAWPEER and Face Yoga.

How training with JAWPEER can make wrinkles vanish

JAWPEER fills the facial tissues with blood. Facial yoga then stimulates the skin to heal. To heal, the skin needs nourishment. It comes via the blood supplied by JAWPEER. This means that substances that transport via the bloodstream repair damaged cells. The blood supplies moisture, fat, and vitamins – everything needed for the skin to begin to heal. New skin cells form and take the place of old dying cells. Healing accelerates if you apply a moisturizing cream. Do not use any stinging cream. It is likely to damage the skin more than it helps.

JAWPEER and Face Yoga in concert can make wrinkles in the red spots vanish. The training can also boost collagen formation in the green areas.

Training can make wrinkles vanish in the red fields and strengthen the collagen layer in the green fields in the picture. The face changes with age if we don’t do something to prevent it. In the red areas shown in the image above, wrinkles and skin bags may form. In the green areas, the skin’s collagen layers gradually become thinner. Fortunately, the skin attaches to the muscles of the face. By training the muscles, the skin is kept in right place. Metabolism also increases so that the collagen layer in the subcutaneous tissue can grow. The principle of Face Yoga is to counteract folds by smoothing them out with the hands and practicing the elasticity of the facial muscles. With over 40 different muscles and amounts of nerves, the face and mouth are the parts of the body where motor control is best.

Basic feelings affect the formation of wrinkles

The reason we have so much muscle and nerves in the face is that we use it to communicate emotions. The facial expression could tell of feelings long before spoken language developed. The basic feelings also affect the formation of wrinkles. Worries are usually visible between the eyebrows, surprises give horizontal folds in the forehead, and joy forms crow’s feet in the corner of the eye. Wrinkles also emerge by weather and wind, especially by strong sun and wind. Sailors use to get weathered over the years. Use sunglasses and sun protection. Many different emotions show up on the jaws and around the mouth. Laughter pits can be charming, but we prefer not to sign with traces of anger, fear, or contempt. Therefore, it is nice that you can train away wrinkles in these areas with JAWPEER and Face Yoga.

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