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The Secret of Face Yoga

The Secret of Face Yoga is to train facial muscles. With JAWPEER it can affect these areas

The secret of face yoga is to train facial muscles. Effective facial toning should be combined with JAWPEER. Chewing training and some well-chosen exercises can quickly give good effects if you start to get wrinkles. The picture shows the areas where wrinkles often occur. The skin in these areas is attached to muscles and wrinkles occur when the muscles lose their flexibility.

To change your face, you should concentrate on building nerve connections and muscle strength. Forget all face yoga exercises that only smooth out wrinkles. It may look better at the moment, but they make no difference in the long run. Also, forget all the miraculous anti-wrinkle creams that promise glow and smooth skin. They do not work better than regular Nivea.

The Secret of Face Yoga Is to Activate the Nerves

Instead, do this at least once a day: Chew JAWPEER for a few minutes to increase blood flow to the facial muscles. Then press with your fingers to strengthen your unwanted wrinkles and facial furrows. Then try to counteract the pressure of the fingers with the muscles of the face. Try to smooth out the wrinkles with the facial muscles. At first, it is difficult, because the nerves that control the movements of the muscles have hardly been used. But JAWPEER increases the metabolism in the facial tissue. It activates the nerves and allows the muscles to gradually become stronger.

The secret is that the skin of the face is attached to muscle threads. It allows us to show emotions with the face. Good facial yoga trains these muscles and makes them flexible. We have over 40 facial muscles that largely determine your appearance. The facial muscles are affected by both heritage and environment, and they can be trained. Everyone who goes to the gym knows that muscles respond well to exercise. You should also avoid the strong sun, unhealthy foods, and smoking to keep your skin elastic.

JAWPEER Increases Metabolism In the Face

The skin is not what makes us wrinkled. Instead, it is the muscles in the face that are tense or flabby and over which we have lost control. Why do many people train the whole body except the face? Maybe it’s because there has been no really good training tool. Not until now when elastic chewing gum has arrived. With JAWPEER you can regain control. But be careful in the beginning so that you do not get exercise pain.

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Can training make wrinkles vanish?

Can training make wrinkles vanish? The question became relevant after a Swedish study showing that expensive anti-aging creams make no difference. There is no quick fix to a beautiful face. As with the rest of the body, exercises give the best result. A review of nine scientific tests of Face Yoga tells that all show positive results. According to a 2018 study by JAMA Dermatology, mainly wrinkles in the lower part of the face can disappear. Wrinkles around the mouth and jaws are the easiest to treat with JAWPEER and Face Yoga.

How training with JAWPEER can make wrinkles vanish

JAWPEER fills the facial tissues with blood. Facial yoga then stimulates the skin to heal. To heal, the skin needs nourishment. It comes via the blood supplied by JAWPEER. This means that substances that transport via the bloodstream repair damaged cells. The blood supplies moisture, fat, and vitamins – everything needed for the skin to begin to heal. New skin cells form and take the place of old dying cells. Healing accelerates if you apply a moisturizing cream. Do not use any stinging cream. It is likely to damage the skin more than it helps.

JAWPEER and Face Yoga in concert can make wrinkles in the red spots vanish. The training can also boost collagen formation in the green areas.

Training can make wrinkles vanish in the red fields and strengthen the collagen layer in the green fields in the picture. The face changes with age if we don’t do something to prevent it. In the red areas shown in the image above, wrinkles and skin bags may form. In the green areas, the skin’s collagen layers gradually become thinner. Fortunately, the skin attaches to the muscles of the face. By training the muscles, the skin is kept in right place. Metabolism also increases so that the collagen layer in the subcutaneous tissue can grow. The principle of Face Yoga is to counteract folds by smoothing them out with the hands and practicing the elasticity of the facial muscles. With over 40 different muscles and amounts of nerves, the face and mouth are the parts of the body where motor control is best.

Basic feelings affect the formation of wrinkles

The reason we have so much muscle and nerves in the face is that we use it to communicate emotions. The facial expression could tell of feelings long before spoken language developed. The basic feelings also affect the formation of wrinkles. Worries are usually visible between the eyebrows, surprises give horizontal folds in the forehead, and joy forms crow’s feet in the corner of the eye. Wrinkles also emerge by weather and wind, especially by strong sun and wind. Sailors use to get weathered over the years. Use sunglasses and sun protection. Many different emotions show up on the jaws and around the mouth. Laughter pits can be charming, but we prefer not to sign with traces of anger, fear, or contempt. Therefore, it is nice that you can train away wrinkles in these areas with JAWPEER and Face Yoga.

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Train Your Most Beautiful Muscles

If you want to train your most beautiful muscles, you should train your face. People often look surprised when asked if they train their facial muscles. “Can I train the face?” Of course you can! Many people train the body every day but few train the face. Facial training is like a blind spot on the map, yet the face is the most visible part of the body. The facial muscles determine our appearance. If you want to look good, your face should be the first thing you train. You can train your face by eating carrots and tough meats but there is a limit to how much you can eat. You can also do Face Yoga and peeling. The downside is that it may take a long time before it gives results.

Train your beautiful facial muscles with JAW PEER

JAW PEER is an efficient way to train your most beautiful muscles. The skin on your face is largely suspended in muscles, which means that the muscles hold the skin in place and you look better after you have trained them. It goes surprisingly fast. Just a few minutes and you’ll see the effects. Then you also feel better because what you see when you look in the mirror affects your mood. The jaw muscle named masseter is the strongest muscle in the body and enamel is the hardest material. The teeth are made to be used as tools and withstand wear. Ordinary chewing gum does not provide the same chewing resistance. In addition, it is a disposable product that leaves junk that is difficult to remove. JAW PEER sells elastic chewing gum. Better both for your face and for the environment.

CHEWPEER superior to competitors

There are other jaw trainers on the market. Some of them look like a big plastic ball that you bite in with your front teeth. The incisals are not made to chew hard so the unnatural bite can damage the jaw. Others are made of less pure material. JAW PEER is manufactured in Sweden from a unique material that withstands great stress. To get the maximum effect, two CHEW PEER should be used simultaneously, one on each side. The shape prevents it from getting stuck in the throat. The structure is designed to stimulate those parts of the brain that increase your concentration and give you faster responsiveness.

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Train Your Face by Chewing

Train your face by chewing. The facial muscles determine our appearance. They need to move to stay in shape. The skin is attached to these muscles and if they become saggy, we get wrinkles.

Did you know you can train your face by chewing? We go to the gym and train almost all the body’s muscles to become beautiful and feel good, but the muscles that matter most to beauty are left untrained. Most people care a lot about their appearance, so it’s a little strange that we don’t chew more. When we chew, we train several large muscles on the face, including the masseter which is the strongest muscle in the body.

The skin of the face is attached to muscles

The skin of the face is largely suspended in muscles. This means that the muscles of your face play a big role in how you look. As we get older, gravity takes its action and the skin starts hanging in corners, double chins, and cheek bags. The good news is that you can do something about it. The best gymnastics for the face is to chew, then the muscles get to work naturally. Ordinary chewing gum is not suitable because it provides so little chewing resistance. A carrot provides better chewing resistance and it is also healthy to eat, but you can not eat as many carrots as you like. The problem is that the skin is stuck in facial muscles. A better solution might be to train them with JAWPEER, a toolbox for chewing training.

Train your face by chewing JAWPEER

Chewing and facial yoga tackles the cause, unlike makeup, Botox, and facelift that only tackles the problems. Facial yoga or toning involves daily exercises without tools reminiscent of grimaces. Science has not proven that face yoga has an effect. Since chewing increases the facial muscle volume, it should be more effective than facial yoga. The muscles fill out the skin and hold it in place. The change is so fast that it is visible immediately after a workout. Then the masseter is swollen and filled with blood, which gives the jaw a more marked shape. When the muscle rests for a few hours, a lot of the blood disappears. JAW PEER is small and convenient to carry with you, unlike other jaw trainers. If you want to make a good first impression, you can train your face by chewing CHEW PEER before the date.

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Healthy Habits Bring You Happiness

Healthy habits can give us better balance in life. Using CHEW PEER is an easy way to create better balance.

Healthy habits bring you happiness. Feeling good is perhaps the most important thing in life. The way to happiness and inner harmony is to acquire good habits. There are many methods that are aimed at increasing well-being by creating daily routines that meet our different needs. Science tells us that if we want to feel good, we should get into the habit of eating healthy food and exercising both the body and the brain.

By training the body we also benefit our brain, by increasing blood flow to the central nervous system. An important part of this training is to train the face. We practice it naturally every time we eat and chew, but many do not use their mouths enough. It has become common among young people to skip meals and just drink nutritional beverages instead. Dietitian Emma Lindblom does not recommend only liquid food:

“I think it’s preferable to eat food, especially when you’re still growing as well. Eating regular food, chewing, and filling up the stomach has its functions too, she says.

Chewing is a Healthy Habit

By chewing, we exercise the facial muscles and activate important nerves that stimulate the brain. Chewing can therefore be an easy way to increase well-being. But there is a limit to how much we can eat. Lucky for us we can use chewing gum as a compliment. Several studies compare people who chew gum with people who don’t chew. Statistically speaking, those who chew are less depressed, drink less alcohol, and more smokeless than non-chewers.

From <https://onlinelibrary-wiley-com/doi/abs/10.1002/smi.1272>

JAW PEER is a toolbox for elastic chewing gum. They developed to give more resistance so that we can train the face better. We can use JAWPEER and do other things at the same time. In addition to stimulating the brain and muscles, chewing makes the mouth busy. Therefore, it is difficult to smoke or drink at the same time. Since it is healthier to use your mouth to chew with than to take drugs, JAWPEER can help you create healthier habits which is the key to long-term happiness. Besides, it’s comfortable to experience the JAWPEER toolbox. Almost meditative. Let JAWPEER seduce you.