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Train Your Face by Chewing

Train your face by chewing. The facial muscles determine our appearance. They need to move to stay in shape. The skin is attached to these muscles and if they become saggy, we get wrinkles.

Did you know you can train your face by chewing? We go to the gym and train almost all the body’s muscles to become beautiful and feel good, but the muscles that matter most to beauty are left untrained. Most people care a lot about their appearance, so it’s a little strange that we don’t chew more. When we chew, we train several large muscles on the face, including the masseter which is the strongest muscle in the body.

The skin of the face is attached to muscles

The skin of the face is largely suspended in muscles. This means that the muscles of your face play a big role in how you look. As we get older, gravity takes its action and the skin starts hanging in corners, double chins, and cheek bags. The good news is that you can do something about it. The best gymnastics for the face is to chew, then the muscles get to work naturally. Ordinary chewing gum is not suitable because it provides so little chewing resistance. A carrot provides better chewing resistance and it is also healthy to eat, but you can not eat as many carrots as you like. The problem is that the skin is stuck in facial muscles. A better solution might be to train them with JAWPEER, a toolbox for chewing training.

Train your face by chewing JAWPEER

Chewing and facial yoga tackles the cause, unlike makeup, Botox, and facelift that only tackles the problems. Facial yoga or toning involves daily exercises without tools reminiscent of grimaces. Science has not proven that face yoga has an effect. Since chewing increases the facial muscle volume, it should be more effective than facial yoga. The muscles fill out the skin and hold it in place. The change is so fast that it is visible immediately after a workout. Then the masseter is swollen and filled with blood, which gives the jaw a more marked shape. When the muscle rests for a few hours, a lot of the blood disappears. JAW PEER is small and convenient to carry with you, unlike other jaw trainers. If you want to make a good first impression, you can train your face by chewing CHEW PEER before the date.

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Dry mouth? No more

If you are dry in your mouth then there is help to be had. Chew CHEW PEER to get more saliva and a healthy natural breath

Dry mouth? No more. You can counteract it by chewing. Chewing increases saliva excretion. The more and harder we chew, the more saliva is produced in the mouth. Saliva is largely water, but it also contains other substances that prevent dehydration and are important to the body. The saliva is formed in more than 100 various glands that sit under the tongue, in the lower jaw, and at the ears. The glands specialize in various things. Therefore, we can have different saliva depending on what we need it for. Saliva has many different tasks:

  • Lubricates teeth and gums so that they do not dry out.
  • Ensures that the mouth’s PH value is just right.
  • Rinses away food residues and other things from the teeth.
  • Prevents bacteria and viruses from penetrating the body.
  • Dissolves flavorings in the food so they come into contact with our taste cells.
  • Starts digestion because it releases the encyclicals Amylase and Lipase.
  • Produces the hormone Leptin that makes us feel full.

CHEW PEER is an elastic chewing product that has more chewing resistance than ordinary chewing gum. This means that the mouth produces more saliva when using CHEW PEER. More saliva is beneficial both for the feeling of the mouth, dental health, and the body’s digestive system. Note that if the saliva is swallowed with gas bubbles, the stomach may react. A recommendation is to wait until the saliva bubbles burst before swallowing the saliva.

If you are really dry in your mouth then you need to chew on something that activates the salivary glands properly and then ordinary chewing gum is not good enough. Water may also not solve the problem, as it does not have the same lubricating and protective effect as saliva. Therefore, CHEW PEER is a better option. Dry mouth? No more. CHEW PEER is made to lubricate the oral cavity and thus perfect if you are dry in the mouth.


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Healthy Habits Bring You Happiness

Healthy habits can give us better balance in life. Using CHEW PEER is an easy way to create better balance.

Healthy habits bring you happiness. Feeling good is perhaps the most important thing in life. The way to happiness and inner harmony is to acquire good habits. There are many methods that are aimed at increasing well-being by creating daily routines that meet our different needs. Science tells us that if we want to feel good, we should get into the habit of eating healthy food and exercising both the body and the brain.

By training the body we also benefit our brain, by increasing blood flow to the central nervous system. An important part of this training is to train the face. We practice it naturally every time we eat and chew, but many do not use their mouths enough. It has become common among young people to skip meals and just drink nutritional beverages instead. Dietitian Emma Lindblom does not recommend only liquid food:

“I think it’s preferable to eat food, especially when you’re still growing as well. Eating regular food, chewing, and filling up the stomach has its functions too, she says.

Chewing is a Healthy Habit

By chewing, we exercise the facial muscles and activate important nerves that stimulate the brain. Chewing can therefore be an easy way to increase well-being. But there is a limit to how much we can eat. Lucky for us we can use chewing gum as a compliment. Several studies compare people who chew gum with people who don’t chew. Statistically speaking, those who chew are less depressed, drink less alcohol, and more smokeless than non-chewers.

From <https://onlinelibrary-wiley-com/doi/abs/10.1002/smi.1272>

JAW PEER is a toolbox for elastic chewing gum. They developed to give more resistance so that we can train the face better. We can use JAWPEER and do other things at the same time. In addition to stimulating the brain and muscles, chewing makes the mouth busy. Therefore, it is difficult to smoke or drink at the same time. Since it is healthier to use your mouth to chew with than to take drugs, JAWPEER can help you create healthier habits which is the key to long-term happiness. Besides, it’s comfortable to experience the JAWPEER toolbox. Almost meditative. Let JAWPEER seduce you.

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Get Better Study Results if You Chew

Get better study results if you chew. Dont use a pencil to chew on. Use JAWPEER.

Studying and chewing works well together. It is not enough just to study hard, you also have to be able to focus on the degree assignment. It seems to be easier to focus if you chew at the same time. A scientific study showed that you increase the blood in parts of the frontal lobe when chewing. Therefore, those who chew may find it easier to focus. The brain can more easily shield things that interfere when you are concentrated. Therefore, it is smart for students to use CHEW PEER at important tests.

Chewing activates important parts of the brain

An area that is activated when chewing is called the prefrontal cortex. The area belongs to the most recently developed parts of the brain. It controls, among other things, working memory and spatial thinking. Chewing can thus improve working memory and at the same time increase concentration. Therefore, those who study have a lot to gain from chewing. From DOI: 10.1016/j.neulet.2008.03.033

Better study results if you chew

Students who chew in conjunction with tests do better according to a study. That’s why it’s good to have something to chew on when you’re studying. The study also examined whether the students experienced stress during graduation. The results showed that the students who chewed felt significantly better. In addition, they performed better in comparison. This means that chewing also seems to affect how we feel. Therefore, students are recommended to study and chew at the same time.
From DOI: 10.1002/smi.2872


JAW PEER is a box with CHEW PEER and other accessories. CHEW PEER is made to chew on. There are different types of CHEW PEER; soft medium and hard. Soon they will also be available in different sizes. Accessories include a safety line and an instruction sheet. But soon there will also be oils to reduce the chewing sound. They have taste and other additives that can enhance the desirable effects of chewing. Two CHEW PEER’s are chewed with both chewing surfaces at the same time for maximum effect.

The softer and smaller variants are more suitable for relaxation and anti-stress. Bigger and harder CHEW PEER is better for jaw training and sports. The products are elastic and retain their shape and elasticity after chewing. Therefore, they are not disposable products but can be reused. All variants provide greater chewing resistance measured with Shore Durometer than regular chewing gum. Which variant you choose is a matter of taste. A starter kit with several different variants is made to try out. Then you’ll be able to subscribe to the one you like best. All variants make it easy to study and chew.


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Chewing Makes Us Happy

Chewing makes us happy. Not only does the man get happy by chewing, but also the dog.

Chewing makes us happy. My name is Peer and I developed a new product to train the jaw. Therefore I called it JAW PEER. Interestingly, it turned out to have many more effects than I thought when I developed it. From the beginning, I thought I’d chew to get a better jawline and facial shape. I also got it relatively quickly, but it turned out that other things happened when I started chewing.

Like a Funny Stick to a Puppy

When I put in my CHEW PEER and started chewing so my mouth was kind of happy. It felt like it got something to play with, like a puppy getting hold of a funny stick. My CHEW PEER went around in different ways without me controlling it consciously, I chewed in different ways with all of the teeth. It felt like the mouth and tongue had longed for something to chew on and knew exactly what it was going to do.

The Jaw Handle Stress by Chewing

Chewing makes us happy because it is a movement, and the body feels good about moving. I read several scientific reports on chewing and realized that what makes the mouth happy is the connection of chewing to the brain. For example, one study describes that people who chew gum are less stressed. Scientists believe it may be related to the fact that chewing provides better blood flow to the central parts of the brain.